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The fourth step to our Skin Ritual for Ingrown Hair Issues is our Soothe Operator Ingrown Hair Gel. This is our anti-inflammatory soothing gel that calms the skin, quickens the healing of ingrown hair issues, and eliminates the bumps. Our Ingrown Hair Gel prevents and alleviates folliculitis, has gentle exfoliating bactericidal properties, and keeps the area, in which applied, very clean facilitating healthy hair growth to the surface of the skin.  


Directions for use:

It is recommended for use twice per day and is excellent both before and after hair removal. Apply a pea sized amount to the cleansed affected area and let dry.


For best result combine with:

Step1. Sooth Operator Ingrown Hair Mask

Step2. Sooth Operator Ingrown Hair Solution 

Step3. Sooth Operator Ingrown Hair Serum

Step5. Sooth Operator Ingrown Hair Balm


Also available in our Sooth Operator Ingrown Hair Kit



Size: 15ml 

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