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Our comprehensive Ingrown Solution kit. Soothe Ingrown Hair Issues with our Soothe Operator Kit. Meet the players:

1. Apply our Soothe Operator Ingrown Hair Day Solution directly to the affected areas. It has bactericidal properties and is excellent at tackling infected bumps associated with ingrown hairs.
2. Apply our Ingrown Hair Serum after day solution for its anti-inflammatory and protective properties.
3. Apply our Ingrown Hair Night Solution directly to the affected areas to clean the pores and decrease the build up of dead skin cells.
4. Apply our Ingrown Hair Gel after night solution for its soothing and calming properties.
5. Apply our Ingrown Hair Balm to reinforce the protective barrier of skin while reducing irritation and minimizing the scarring that often results from these ingrown hairs. This can be applied twice daily.
Come for the Quality! Stay for the Results!
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How to use
Written by Cashine on Nov 24th 2021

Got the product but it does not say how to use them, all at once or…..

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