GLOW Cleanser


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Increase your cell turnover with our GLOW Cleanser. This is a brightening cleanser that evens your skin tone and is the first line of defense in your beauty ritual made with loving ingredients designed to nurture your skin to health. This Cleanser is even effective against sun damage. What are you waiting for? Get GLOWing!!!


Directions for use:


Use daily. Apply GLOW cleanser to clean finger tips and massage onto moist skin until lathered. Rinse with water and follow with your favorite Jencare toner and GLOW moisturizer. 

Product Reviews

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Made By Gods
Written by Vena on Jul 31st 2020

I shop alot online but this is my first time ever writing a review.i struggle with anemia so my doctor prescribed iron tablets.Upon taking the iron tablet I realized I broke out so bad even my mom freaked out.I normally use the Jencare #1330 when I break out but I was out and went to order more.I decided I'm gonna try a few more products just to make up my order to qualify for free shipping,best decision ever!I washed my face 2 time per day for two days already and I already started looking like myself again. PRODUCT OF A LIFETIME I TELL YA!

Written by Carmen on Apr 18th 2020

This cleanser is Amazing!!!! I thoroughly, LOVE using this 'Liquid-Glow- Gold', that makes my skin feels absolutely, soft and sweetly clean. No residue on my skin from this Ultra Dynamic Cleanser. Glow Cleanser, is a MUST HAVE. Thanks to Management and Staff at JenCare Skin Farm/NextJen.