24K Gold Anti-aging Collagen Mask

Jencare Skin Farm
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24K Gold Anti-aging Collagen Mask is an anti-oxidant rich mask with anti-bacterial benefits. Additionally, its anti-aging properties improves the elasticity of the skin, reversing signs of aging. Jencare's 24K Gold Mask is formulated with the best ingredients that work in synergy to produce the best results. It is an anti-inflammatory and thus has a calming effect on the skin. It also brightens the skin. You can expect your skin to feel refreshed, soft, and rejuvenated after each use. 



Directions for use:

After cleansing with your favorite Jencare Cleanser use a masking spatula or masking brush to remove a modest amount of our 24k Gold Collagen  Mask. Gently apply to all over the face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse with room temperature or cool water. Repeat 1-2 times weekly for best results follow with your favorite Jencare Toner and Jencare Cream