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Bright Expression Serum

Let’s start with this magic! This is our Bright Expression Serum and it is significant in any Hyper-Pigmentation Focussed Skin Care Ritual. It rapidly increases cell turnover and replaces dead skin cells. It promotes cell renewal and brightens to...
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Masking Brush

The bristles of a Masking Brush are soft and the overall arrangement and contour are flat so that the mask is spread evenly over the skin. This brush provides great coverage easily and additionally the application using this tool feels amazing...
Quick View Vitamin E Stick

Vitamin E Stick

Sooth your lips with our Vitamin E Stick! This gem moisturizes and heals effortlessly while promoting health, soft lips.   Directions for Use: Simply apply to the lips. For best results combine with our JENCARE Mineral Lip Pumice.
Quick View SUPERFOOD Firming Elixir Mask

SUPERFOOD Firming Elixir Mask

Our Superfood Firming Elixir Masked is packed with nutrition for the skin! It diminishes fine lines, heals and tightens.    Directions For Use: After cleansing with your favorite Jencare Cleanser use a masking spatula or masking brush to...
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Quick View SUPERFOOD Firming Elixir Cream

SUPERFOOD Firming Elixir Cream

Our SUPERFOOD Firming Elixir Cream is packed with nutrition for the skin and with Chlorophill as the green elixir in SUPPERFOOD. It nourishes, heals, protects, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates breakouts, and reduces inflammation of skin...
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Derma-Lift Serum is our anti-aging serum that is formulated to lift, firm, and tighten the skin while boosting collagen production. This light weight serum is absorbed rapidly without a greasy feel and you feel the effect immediately. Strengthen your...
Quick View Collagen Peel Off Mask

Collagen Peel Off Mask

Our Collagen Peel-Off Mask is excellent for anti-aging, relieving dull skin, and cleaning the pores. Expect smooth, soft, healthy skin when you add this staple to your Skin Ritual.   Directions For Use:  Use a masking spatula or masking...
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Our RENEW Serum is one of our favorites. It is smooth and silky and contains age defying ingredients to fight the factors that weaken our skin’s integrity. It boosts collagen production, tightens, and protects the skin from harsh environmental...
Quick View Peptide Serum

Peptide Serum

Our Peptide Serum gives the skin ‘bounce back’ and has significant anti-aging benefit. It promotes collagen production, healing of the skin, and facilitates a healthy skin barrier. This serum penetrates quickly and produces meaningful results...
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