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Our Resurfacing Enzyme Serum allows you to safely exfoliate with the daily use of enzymes. There is no friction on the skin! It works deep into the pores, using this potent delivery system to eliminate and prevent blackheads, whiteheads, and breakouts. Additionally, it gives you an undeniable glow, promotes healthy, clean, blemish-free skin as the enzymes do the work for you as Step 3 in your Skin Care Ritual. 


Directions For Use:

After using your favorite Jencare Cleanser and Jencare Toner use clean hands to apply our Resurfacing Enzyme Serum as your third step to your skin care ritual. Gently apply to all over the face and let sit for one minute. This products can be used once daily or as directed by Jencare Skincare Specialist. Follow with you favorite Jencare Cream



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