Lemon Drop Scrub for Face & Body


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This is your BURST of SUNSHINE! Lemon Drop is our sugar scrub that exfoliates while drawing moisture to the skin. This exfoliant does not leave the skin dry and may be used 3 times per week. It has soothing and antibacterial properties that is very beneficial in preventing and alleviating breakouts.


Directions For Use:


For best results, use once weekly after your Jencare cleanser. With clean hands or spatula, remove a modest amount of Lemon Drop Scrub and apply to moist skin. Gently massage the product into the skin. Rinse with room temperature or cold water to close the pores. For best results, follow by applying our Jencare mask or Jencare moisturizer

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Happy customer
Written by Nellie Wilson on Jul 10th 2020

I’ve been using Jencare products for over 25 years they’ve never let me down,.all their products are natural organic stuff I would recommend anyone to use them. Especially the green tea package it work wonders