Our RENEW Serum is one of our favorites. It is smooth and silky and contains age defying ingredients to fight the factors that weaken our skin’s integrity. It boosts collagen production, tightens, and protects the skin from harsh environmental...
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Peptide Serum

Our Peptide Serum gives the skin ‘bounce back’ and has significant anti-aging benefit. It promotes collagen production, healing of the skin, and facilitates a healthy skin barrier. This serum penetrates quickly and produces meaningful results...
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Our Pimple Arrest Serum is an acne fighting serum that kills acne causing bacteria and unclogs the pores. This item comes in a 15ml tube.   Directions For Use: For best results, use 1-2 times daily after your favorite Jencare...
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Our #13 acne mask is recommended for combination and oily acne prone skin. It absorbs oil and sebum from deep within the pores, reducing the size of pimples and pustules to lessen the chances of acne spotting.   Directions For Use: After...
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24KT Gold Peel Off Mask

Our amazing 24KT Gold Mask in Peel off form. It is made of the finest 24K Gold colloidal solution so that all the skin benefits of gold is achieved. It functions as an anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, brightening mask that tones and firms...
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Skin Rescue

Our Skin Rescue is an absolute must have for skin that often experience sensitivity. This is designed for, but limited to, skin types that experience eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis to name a few. It is a calming and non-irritating formulation that...
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NEXTJEN Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Our NextJen Sensitive skin Cleanser is extra kind to sensitive skin type. It is designed to remove dirt and excess residue without drying the skin. In fact, it moisturizes the skin while cleaning it and gently removing makeup.    Directions...
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NEXTJEN Acne Control

NextJen Acne Control Cream is excellent for preventing and diminishing break outs. It fights bacteria that cause inflammatory pustules and additionally unclogs the pores by removing dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin. It is initially applied as...
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NEXTJEN Acne Control Gel

Acne Control Gel is an acne fighting gel that may be used directly on the breakouts but is gentle enough to be used all over the face. It kills acne causing bacteria, unclogs the pores, and as a bonus it also diminishes scarring.   Directions...
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