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Mild Astringent (Antiseptic Cleanser)

Our Mild Astringent is safe to use on most skin types. This gentle formula removes excess dirt and oil that leads to overgrowth of bacteria within the pores. This mild antiseptic kills acne causing bacteria promoting clear, healthy skin...
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Acne Prone Astringent (Strong)

Jencare's antiseptic cleansing toner, is great for removing left over dirt  and oil from the skin while delivering antiseptic and acne fighting ingredients. This natural and hypo allergenic, strong formula is great for moderate to severe acne...
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Quick View Strong Pimple Defense Astringent

Strong Pimple Defense Astringent

This astringent is your Pimple Defense. It removes dirt and even bacteria due to its bactericidal properties. As a result, it is excellent in addressing mild breakouts to extreme acne. The frequency of use will be dependent on the moisture level of skin...
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