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BRIDE/GROOM PACKAGE Customized Package that includes selected services for bride and/or groom party of 4 or more. 

SPARTY PACKAGE Customized Package that includes a range of face, body, nail, hair, and waxing services of interest for party of 4 or more guests. 


FEMALE $260 

Signature Facial (50min) 

Body Scrub (45min) 

Swedish Massage (60min) 

Signature Manicure (30min) 

Signature Pedicure (60min) 

MALE $265 

Signature Facial (50min) 

Body Scrub (45min) 

Swedish Massage (60min) 

Signature Manicure (30min) 

Signature Pedicure (60min) 


FEMALE $190 

Signature Facial (50min) 

Swedish Massage (60min) 

Signature Manicure (30min) 

Signature Pedicure (60min) 

MALE $195 

Signature Facial (50min) 

Swedish Massage (60min) 

Signature Manicure (30min) 

Signature Pedicure (60min) 



Signature Facial (50min) 

Aromatherapy Massage (60min) 


Deep Cleansing Facial (60min) 

Swedish Massage (60min) 

Signature Manicure (30min) 

Signature Pedicure (60min) 


Eyebrows $15 

Underarm $20 

Full Leg $65+ 

Half Leg $35+ 

Full Arm $35+ 

Half Arm $25+ 

Bikini $30+ 

Brazilian $65 

Lip $15 

Chin $20 

Sideburns $15 

Full Face $50 

Chest $45+ 

Full Back $55+ 


Signature Manicure (30min) $15 

French Add On $5 

Repolish Fingers $10 

Signature Pedicure (Female, 60min) $30 

Signature Pedicure (Male, 60min) $35 

Intensive Pedi-Care Add On (30min) $20 

Ingrown Nail Removal Add On $5 

Repolish Toes $15 

SPA Manicure (40min) $25 

SPA Pedicure (70min) $40 

Aromatherapy Fizz Bomb Pedicure (60min) $40 

Chemical Peel for the Feet (15min) $30 

Acrylic Full Set $40 

Refills $25 

Sculpture $45 

Acrylic Fix Per Nail $3 

Acrylic Tips Per Toe $5 

Patch Per Nail $3 

Acrylic Soak Off $15 

Gel Manicure $35 

Gel Repolish Fingers $25 

Gel Polish Soak Off $10 

Gel Full Set $45 

Dip Powder Manicure $45 

Polygel Full Set $55 

Polygel Refill $35 

Kiddies Manicure (younger than 12) $10 

Kiddies Pedicure (younger than 12) $15 


Signature Facial (50min) $85 Our Classic Introductory Facial that includes light extractions, gentle cleansing, and rejuvenation of the skin. 


Deep Cleansing Facial (60min) $95 Journey to your healthiest skin with deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and renewal of the skin. 

Enzyme Cleansing Facial (60min) $95 Use of enzymes to scavenge dead skin cells and brighten the skin with a deeper exfoliation. 

Ingrown Hair Facial (60min) $95 Customized facial to target ingrown hair issues using a combination of our signature products for the best results. Removal of ingrown hair is included in this service. 

Acne Facial (60min) $95 Customized facial to target and combat breakouts and scarring. 

Chemical Peel Facial (60min) $120 Use of AHAs or BHAs to target hyper-pigmentation and brighten the skin facilitating a healthy GLOW. 

Microdermabrasion/Diamond Peel Facial (60min) $120 A noninvasive manual peel that targets the top layer of epidermis and diminishes hyper-pigmentation such as acne scarring, melasma/chloasma, sun spots, etc. revealing healthier looking skin underneath. 

Oxygen Facial (75min) $150 A revolutionary anti-aging facial that applies Oxygen to the entire face to clear skin congestion, renew, plump, and revitalize fatigued skin for a healthier, more youthful appearance. 

LPG Facial (75min) $150 Age-defying French technology designed to tone the muscles of the face. 

RF Facial (75min) $150 Anti-aging treatment of the skin designed to lift, firm, and tighten using radiofrequency technology. 

Derma-Boost Facial $150 Signature anti-aging facial that tightens the skin using our very own derma- masque and derma-crème duo. 

Hydro Dermabrasion/Hydro Clean/ Hydro Lift (75min) $180 Comprehensive cleansing and anti-aging treatment of four progressive steps that include chemical and manual peel using water based serums and microdermabrasion to brighten the skin. Serums are absorbed more effectively in this type of facial for the ultimate GLOW. 

LED Light Therapy Add On (30min) $50 Targeted therapy where skin absorbs therapeutic light and uses it to regenerate cells, boost collagen production, reduce inflammation, diminish acne causing bacteria, and speed healing. 

24K Gold Therapy Add On (20min) $45 Anti-aging facial add on using our signature 24K Gold Mask and/or Scrub to bring forth a healthy, beautiful GLOW. 


Swedish Massage 60min|$75 30min|$55 Classic massage therapy using light to moderate pressure for a gentle, relaxing treatment. 

Aromatherapy Massage 60min|$85 30min|$65 Use of essential oils to provide balance to the mind, body, and skin while gently manipulating the muscles. 

Deep Tissue Massage 60min|$90 30min|$70 Slow, firm pressure to manipulate and soothe sore muscles, increase range of motion, and provide deep relaxation. 

Therapeutic Massage 60min|$110 30min|$85 Gentle or firm massage therapy including light stretching to relieve muscle tension and improve flexibility. 

Hot Stone Massage 60min|$135 90min|$150 Use of heated stones to alleviate muscle tension and open channels for free flowing energy. 

Hot Stone Deep Tissue Massage 60min|$150 90min|$180 Heated stones combined with firm pressure to relieve tight muscles and reduce inflammation. 

Reflexology Massage 50min|$85 Therapeutic massage using the healing techniques of pressure point manipulation of the hands and feet. 

Upper Body Massage 50min|$70 Classic massage therapy of the upper body. 

Body Scrub 45min|$70 Removal of dead skin cells of the entire body leaving smooth, soft, healthy skin. 

Therapeutic Foot Massage 30min|$50 Relieve tired feet with customized massage therapy. 

Backial 50min|$90 Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and renewal of the skin to combat breakouts and blackheads that may arise in this area. 

Chemical Peel Add On 10min|$15 AHAs or BHAs applied to the back to target hyper-pigmentation. 

Signature Mask Add On 20min|$45 Customized mask applied to the back to target specific issues of concern.